Saturday, September 4, 2010

new =)

hello ~ this is my new account for blogger..follow me okeyh.. hehe i'm kpop lover~ i will post videos or news about kpop*maybe* ^_^ my fav kpop boy groups is TVXQ and Super Junior ! the most laaaa~~ and about TVXQ, i will support them no matter whattt.. JYJ or Homin..  always keep the faith ! i will never betray them..bcause i love themm~ among TVXQ members i love Hero Jaejoong ! why ?! later i will post why i love Jaejoong or JJ~~~ hehe..kpop is part of my life..and now about Super Junior ! i love them too .. i'm Cho Kyuhyun biased ! my fav members in Super Junior..and i love EunHae couple ~ they are sweeetttttt ! like real couple .. ^_^  EunHae ? u dont know whats mean of EunHae ?! i will tell u..Eunhyuk + Donghae = EunHae <3 thats alll.. haha ! i also like other kpop boy groups such as SHINee,2PM,D-NA,MBLAQ,U-Kiss,Beast,Big Bang and moreeeeee~~~~ i love kpop girl groups too like Kara,Miss A,f(x),GP Basic,2Ne1, 4Minute,SNSD and many moreeeee...okey thats all for todayyyyy..see u sooooonnnn. and dont forget to follow me !!!! 

annyeong hikaseyo ! love ya.

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