Monday, September 6, 2010

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It’s really funny how everyone’s comparing Tohoshinki(DBSK in Japan) and saying how they started out with the least sales during debut. How can you even say that? I lived in Japan during their debut days, and sure enough, I didn’t really about them. But about 3 years after, I came back and visited, and they were having the Arena Tour, and a year after, at Tokyo Dome. Not forgetting, their Japanese skills were at a total new level. Tohoshinki really opened up a new road. In 2005, my friends, family and I were laughing how a boy band would perform for just a 100 person audience, at a store(Apple store i think), not being able to perform at music shows(or perform at such unpopular shows even most japanese people don’t know about) and have their first concert with such a small stage. However, as the years went by, we started to become attracted to Tohoshinki. Their understanding and speaking of the Japanese language gradually got better, their ranking on the Oricon chart became higher, and then we became BIGEAST(fanclub in Japan). To be honest, before Tohoshinki, I thought that Korean idol groups were a joke. ‘Coming to Japan to earn money?’ I thought, ‘That’s stupid, go stay in your own country! Not like they can speak Japanese!’ But I was proven wrong by Tohoshinki! And then BIGBANG, KARA, 4MINUTE etc came to Japan. Even my friends who are not Tohoshinki fans, but do understand that they are the first Korean group to make such a HUGE impact(not first impact!) on Japan, and the first foreign artist to be #1 on the Oricon chart numerous times. They also set the record for having the highest first week sales by a foreign artist in Japan. Not to mention they are now PLATINUM(unsure how to explain in English). Even very renounced Japanese singers from the 80’s compliment Tohoshinki for their work and how they have showed us(Japanese) that even foreign artists can hit #1 on the Oricon. They have also been on the 紅白歌合戦(Kohaku), where you strictly must have invitation since it is for the most renounced singers/enka singers. So please, hear this BIGEAST fan out. Has your artist gone through such hardships or did they just start singing on a decent sized stage with at least 100+ audience? Even my 80 year old grandmother likes Tohoshinki! (^ ^) But nonetheless, I do enjoy listening to ALL Korean music these days. Everyone should love their favourite singer/idol/group and not hate or compare with others!

izzati said : LOL~ but i'm agree with u Bigeast ! <3

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